Saturday, 7 January 2017

A sick goat

goat ill Jan 17 (5)

Our goat Georgina was ill yesterday. We took no chances and called out the vet who diagnosed her as having eaten something toxic. She was given anti-biotics and liquid paraffin. At 6pm she was still quite poorly, and vomiting quite badly while grinding her teeth. From then until 11pm I checked on her hourly by which time she appeared to have settled down and stopped vomiting. I decided it was safe to leave her overnight.

This morning she was much happier and fed well on carrots and apples but then seemed to have a bit of a relapse for a couple of hours. This afternoon she was on the mend again. She joined in the feast of privet and also had a few extra carrots.

I'm now waiting for the vet's bill to arrive!

goats Jan 17 4

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