Saturday, 21 January 2017

Is she or isn't she?

goats Jan 17 7

Neither of our 2 adult nannies, Georgina and Pinkie, have come into heat. They should have done a number of times already this autumn/winter and we were starting to get concerned. And then a possible explanation came our way. Perhaps Spotless, our young billy who was born in June last year, was mare mature than we anticipated. Perhaps both had come into heat without showing the usual signs and Spotless had gone to work on them. Perhaps both are already pregnant. It isn't quite what we want for Georgina as she is his mother. We had however considered Spotless as a possible mate for Pinkie as they aren't related.

Our plan had been to take Pinkie to a farm in Northumberland to be mated with a golden guernsey billy but when we made inquiries about this, we found that there were significant bureaucratic hurdles in the way. The two farms that we had previously used for mating Georgina and Geraldine (who died last year) were not available. It turns out therefore that our decision to keep Spotless was the right one after all, assuming Pinkie and Georgina are pregnant. And given the slight pear-shape of Georgina, it is looking that kids are on the way (hopefully). We won't be able to say for certain however for a few weeks yet.

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