Saturday, 14 January 2017

Snow on the allotment

snow on allotment Jan 17 (1)

We have had a run of relatively mild winters in recent years so snow is now unusual, and we when do get it, it is not in any significant quantity. In the early hours of Friday, we had about 2cm of snow. It's the first time the kids have experienced it. It's not expected to last. The Arctic air we've been getting for the past few days will be pushed aside by a warmer front from the Atlantic tomorrow. Then we should be rid of the white stuff.

snow on allotment Jan 17 (2)

snow on allotment Jan 17 (4)


Anonymous said...

How much snow did you used to get? I wont bother telling you how much snow we get in Canada!

jonathanwallace said...

The last time we had more than 4cm was about 5 years ago. Winters here now tend to be mild and with very little snow.