Monday, 12 May 2014

Bartering at the Hop Garden

The Hop Garden is a community project in High Spen, a village in western Gateshead and only a few km from where I live. Yesterday they hosted a seed and plant swap event. I did not have time to sort seeds for swapping so I took eggs instead - duck, hen and quail.

The end result was I got a load of tomato plants, some herbs and rhubarb. I also discovered they have a brick, outdoor oven. I am due to speak at a local history society in October on medieval foods. I'm hoping to use the oven therefore for some medieval bread and baking sessions.

A few shots around the Hop Garden:

I didn't get to use it but here is the compost toilet:

So, well worth a visit and I hope to be doing some more bartering there in the months ahead.

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