Friday, 30 May 2014

Death and new hatchings

chicks May 14 3

One of my oldest hens, Kylie, a rhode rock, died today. She was three years old. She started laying the day we got her and she had been a prolific layer since then. Not only that, her eggs were a good size though she had not been laying recently. She was not the only one we lost this week. Grey, one of our columbines, died on Wednesday. She was two years old. She had been a very friendly bird who used to follow me around the allotment. As with most columbines, she laid olive green coloured eggs.

The good news from today is that the eggs in the incubator have started hatching. The first 8 are in the photo above. We are expecting more to hatch overnight (one already has). Meanwhile, the chicks that hatched a couple of weeks ago are growing well (see photo below). Their wing and tail feathers are growing rapidly. In a couple of weeks they will be big enough to go outdoors.

chicks May 14 1

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