Monday, 26 May 2014

Moving the ducklings

Welsh Harlequin ducklings May 14 5

Today was the big move for the ducklings - not that they were moving far. They had outgrown their temporary run in the back garden and had to be transferred to the allotment where the adult ducks lived. We took all 5 of them over in cat boxes.

Welsh Harlequin ducklings May 14 6

We have a polytunnel on the allotment which has a net over it. We house the ducks in it overnight to keep them safe from the foxes. The ducks are then released each morning. Today we kept the ducklings in it to get them used to it and to encourage them to think of it as a safe place to which they return in future evenings.

Welsh Harlequin ducklings May 14 7

Welsh Harlequin ducklings May 14 8

The ducklings settled in well though tonight I had to let the adult ducks into the enclosure. There was a bit of bullying but nothing more than would be expected. Tomorrow we let the ducklings out to wander around the allotment.

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