Sunday, 18 May 2014

Creating our new herb garden

herb garden May 14 1

This is the path that leads to our main allotment. As you can see there are lots of unused verges though there are some daffodils plants in some of them. We asked the owners of the site if we could plant out the verges with herbs. The idea is that anyone will be able to pick the herbs, once they are growing. The owners are a care home who also operate a charity that provides gardening experience for people with disabilities. They were happy with the idea and even provided a tray of herb plants to go in. They were planted yesterday along with some seeds we had and the chervil and parsley I got from the Hop Garden last week. There is still a great deal of space to use up so we'll get more herbs in as and when they become available.

It makes you think however. There must be a multitude of small strips of land like this all over the country, just waiting to be planted up. How much of the country could we feed by using them more effectively?

herb garden May 14 2

herb garden May 14 3

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