Thursday, 29 May 2014

Wandering ducklings

Welsh Harlequin ducklings on allotment May 14

Apart from a bit of bullying from the dominant khaki campbell drake, the move of the Welsh Harlequin ducklings to the allotment has gone without incident. We kept them in the covered run on the allotment for a couple of days so that they could learn to think of that as a safe area. Today they were allowed to wander freely. To start with they left the covered area but kept close to it. Then they got a bit more adventurous and headed off to the other side of the allotment. When I went over this evening to shut them away, the ducklings happily walked back to the covered area. A job that potentially could have involved my chasing around the allotment took only a few seconds.

The above photo was taken today. Notice how the ducklings are developing their adult plumage.

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