Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Rescuing the feral honeybee colonies

The work of collecting the feral bee colonies from Sun Hill, the building in our village of Sunniside which is currently being demolished, was finished yesterday. We were in the building at 7.30am to move the three hives we set up last Friday. They have now been moved down to one of our apiaries.

The hives will eventually be moved to land at the Community Centre in Marley Hill, the next village up the road from Sunniside. I am a trustee of the Community Centre and we are trying to take over the unused land around the building to turn it into community gardens and allotments. Yesterday, at a management committee meeting of the Community Centre, it was formally agreed that the beekeeping project would form part of the activities to be carried out on the land.

Anyone interested in having a go at beekeeping should get in touch with me.

The video records the last week - from first going in to look at the honeybee nests to moving them into their hives and then moving the hives to our apiary.

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