Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Beefing up our diet

brisket May 14

Since setting out to be self-sufficient, we have had no beef. Cattle keeping is hardly something we can do on the allotment! Instead, we have been looking for a farmer who is happy to swap for their beef. And now we've found not only a beef supplier, but one that is reasonably local and has top quality meat. Steph and Ike Brandon run Blaydon Burn Farm and we discovered each other at a small event I ran last month at Marley Hill Community Centre. They are happy to swap beef for our Tamworth pork and on Saturday we made our first exchange. We got a brisket joint, a joint of top side, sausages and bags of mince. We used the brisket at our cafe on Sunday in hot beef sandwiches. We had some grated horseradish pickled in vinegar so we were able to make up some horseradish sauce.

horseradish sauce May 14

And last night, we had some of the left over brisket for dinner. Yorkshire pudding was made from our own eggs. Runner beans we had were from last year, preserved by salting them. Very enjoyable!

beef and Yorkshire puddings May 14

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