Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Stirrings in the incubator

You may recall that a power failure in our village 10 days ago left us thinking the eggs in the incubator may have died. Despite our pessimism, we kept the eggs in the incubator on the possibility we could be wrong. Well, the eggs were due to hatch today and it looks like I may have been wrong after all. Two are pipping and I can hear movement in another. I've not tried to check all 8 eggs but I am hoping that we may end up with some chicks by this evening.

The above photo was taken during filming in our incubator room (ie our spare room where we also keep hundreds of books). The big incubator was brought into use to hatch more eggs after the power failure incident. There are 21 eggs in it, including some we bought from Durham hens (barnevelders and exchequer leghorns) and some more cream legbars given to us.

It seems from this picture I need to sweep the floor!

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Rachel Parry said...

Oh yay! That is great news, I look forward to seeing some pics of the new chicks :-)