Sunday, 18 May 2014

Brambles as goat food

goats May 14 (7)

I recently chopped back a bramble and put it into the goat paddock, expecting the goats to nibble the leaves. They did more than that. They ate the stalks as well. It went down like spaghetti! As they liked it so much we decided to use any opportunity to collect more for them. David was off to Dad's allotment yesterday to do some weeding and as we have something of a bramble problem there, he chopped them back and brought them down for the goats, who proceeded to munch their way through the whole lot of them.

I'm eyeing up a hawthorn hedge on the allotment site at the moment. It needs trimming. No brambles in it but the goats love hawthorn leaves. I think I know where their next meal is coming from!

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