Monday, 8 September 2014

Drying nettles for goat fodder

Our goat Pinkie's former owner visited us on Saturday. She said that Pinkie likes dried nettles and thistles. She picks them out of the hay. We have often fed the goats fresh thistles we dig up on the allotment but hadn't thought of drying them or nettles for fodder. We have already pulled up lots of nettles in recent weeks and put them on the compost heap. As of Saturday, a new approach was adopted. All nettles are now being dried. The goats don't eat fresh nettles but we can continue to feed them fresh thistles. If we discover a large supply of them, we'll start drying them as well. We'll feed them to the goats over the winter.

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Anonymous said...

Why nettles? it is healthy for the animals? and did you grinds them first before they eat it, or eat they it with stem and all?