Thursday, 11 September 2014

Duck eggs up, hen eggs down, milk up

As we hurtle towards autumn, productivity of our livestock is moving in different directions. Hen egg numbers have gone down but duck egg numbers are up. We had a similar experience last year. The hens' laying activity declined through the summer. The ducks kept their numbers up until about November when they gave up completely until March.

Milk on the other hand is embarrassingly abundant. Tonight, Pinkie produced 3 litres. The fridge is now full of milk. We have taken to storing it temporarily in wine bottles. Fortunately the cheese making equipment arrived today. Alas, it came without the thermometer we need. Cheese making will therefore have to stay on hold for another day or so. Quite where we will put tomorrow's milk is still to be worked out.


Anonymous said...

easy! freeze it.

Anonymous said...

PIGS They love milk.