Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Our first attempt at cheese-making

As we are now awash with goats milk we made a serious attempt to drain some of our milk lake by making cheese on Sunday. We used 3.8 litres to make some ricotta cheese. The milk had to be heated to 90C and held at that temperature for about 25 minutes. 50ml of apple cider vinegar was added to cause the curds and whey. A slotted spoon was used to remove the curds to a colander lined with cheese cloth. It was strained for about an hour and then melted butter and a bit of salt was mixed in.

We are left with quite a bit of whey which we will add, for the time being, to our hens' mash to increase their calcium. We are however looking for recipes to use whey. Suggestions are welcome.

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Ian said...

Well Done,

Whey can be used for lots of things. Tomato plants love it. If you add honey and lemon juice to the hot whey then allow it to cool you can have a refreshing glass of Wheymonade