Monday, 1 September 2014

Pinkie update

Pinkie yesterday spent most of her time in one corner of the allotment (where there was a large amount of food - hedge trimmings provided by the other allotment holders) but I was concerned that she was a bit too nervous to stray from there. I had visions of her being out in the rain during the night so I checked on her at midnight and found she was in one of the goat houses. This morning there was a bit of bullying from Geraldine, the older of the two nannies we got last year. She got chased a couple of times around the paddock. We expected this sort of behaviour. Indeed, there was less bullying than I expected and Georgina, the other nanny (and daughter of Geraldine) has shown no interest at all in helping her mother bully the new arrival.

I made sure today that there were plenty of branches on which they can browse. As with Geraldine and Georgina, Pinkie rather likes ash, brambles, hawthorn and elder. The three were happy to eat together when there was plenty of food on the go. Branches were stripped bare in little time.

Tonight's milking session passed without any spillages. We ended up with 1.8 litres. And my milking technique is getting a bit faster.


Anonymous said...

She is a beautiful goat. With all that milk, you'll be cheesemaking, the chickens will have're doing great. So what is next, rabbits? Ha ha. I love reading your posts, you are such an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

I love reading your posts,i keep chickens and ducks
and through reading about your incubator brought one myself and so far have hatched bantams chickens ducks and quail.