Thursday, 24 April 2014

2nd generation hens

Last year I bought some cream legbar chicken eggs. They were the first eggs we hatched. 3 of the birds were swapped with Johnnie, who has one of the neighbouring allotments. These birds have been a big success. Two hens and a cockerel who is a beautiful bird. Unfortunately, the ones I kept were not so successful. The cockerel and two of the hens died, leaving me one hen. She at least is a healthy bird and lives as part of my flock of chickens (though she roosts in a tree at night rather than with the others in a henhouse).

Johnnie tonight gave me 8 eggs laid by his 2 cream legbar hens which we have now put into the incubator. Assuming they hatch, this will mean a 2nd generation for us! The incubator has barely had a rest since the start of January. This is the 2nd batch of hen eggs this year. We've also had 2 batches of quail and one of ducks.

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Dawn McHugh said...

Its a shame you lost your chooks, good luck with the hatching, we have second generation chooks and I was thinking of hatching from them this year but with a move pending I have decided to wait, so perhaps next spring. I do love hatching in the incubator its exciting watching them make there entry into the world and I always feel like that they are my babies and I made them, I live a very dull life :-)