Sunday, 20 April 2014

Bees are getting busy

The warm and dry weather we have enjoyed over the past three weeks has brought a great deal of bee activity. There's lots out there for them to forage. The blossom is early and there's plenty of it about. Looking at the bees, I can see lots of pollen being brought into the hive. That probably means the amount of brood is increasing.

David has made up another two brood boxes. They will be added to the hives shortly so that the bees can move in and set up some some queen cells in them as well as worker brood. In early June we will remove them from the hives and set them up as new hives in their own right.

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Dawn McHugh said...

Our Bees are getting busy too, we have a couple of top bar hives occupied, we lost our bees from the nationals the winter before last, so we hope to increase this year from our own stock and get them in the nationals, although we are fairly new to this only been at it a couple of years.