Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Rehousing our surplus drake

Of the 4 ducklings we hatched in the autumn, a fox got one of the three drakes, the 2nd drake was injured by the same fox and we had to put him to sleep (he's in the freezer now) and the 3rd drake was needing either a new home, or to be slaughtered to join his brother in the freezer. The 4th bird, a khaki campbell duck is already laying eggs so we are definitely keeping her.

At our community cafe last week, a family came in for breakfast and mentioned in passing that they had 4 ducks but needed a drake for them. So, by accident, I had found a new home for our spare. I took him up a couple of days ago. He did not appreciate being captured but when I released him, he settled down quickly. Hopefully he will enjoy his new company which includes more hens and a few cockerels as well as ducks.

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