Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Quails on display

I was invited recently to bring some of my animals to Chase Park, in Whickham, the small town down the road from Sunniside where we live, for a small fair the Friends of the Park were hosting. I took our younger quails. They hatched about 18 days before the fair. I shared a gazebo with Bill Quay Community Farm who brought rabbits and some Welsh Harlequin ducklings. We got half a dozen WH eggs from BQ last month and they are due to hatch in about a week's time so it was interesting to see what mine would look like.

I also took our eggs and some of our jam to sell and a pile of leaflets to promote the allotment community cafe we run at Marley Hill Community Centre. All in all, it was a successful day. The quails, ducklings and bunnies were a big hit with the kids, though the bunnies did what bunnies do very well, sometimes at some embarrassing moments as well!

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