Thursday, 24 April 2014

Moving up the housing ladder

One thing you can guarantee about recently hatched birds is that they will grow at an incredible rate. So brooder boxes will be outgrown in no time at all. We have therefore had to rearrange the housing for our quail chicks and our ducklings. I rescued an old cupboard from Mam and have made this into a cage for the 20 quail chicks. That meant I could move them out of the smaller brooder box which therefore became available for the 5 Welsh harlequin ducklings who were previously housed in an old fish tank.

The quail aviary will be built shortly. The ducklings will soon be moved outdoors into the back garden where we will build them a temporary run for a few weeks before they too can go to the allotment. And by then, the cream legbar chicken eggs in the incubator will have hatched.

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