Friday, 25 April 2014

Green shoots in the herb garden

Our herb garden is doing well. There is lots of new growth. I've been given permission to plant herbs in the beds along the verge beside the path leading to my allotment. The idea is to use the space more effectively but anyone will be able to pick the herbs. I will be planting seeds shortly in the greenhouse. Hopefully by the summer we will have something to plant.

Meanwhile, back to our existing herb garden. Above, the chives are growing well. We also have two large clumps in our back garden.


Bronze fennel




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Dawn McHugh said...

What a lovely idea planting herbs along the side of the allotment path, its something all allotments could do.
They would encourage pollinating insects and even new people could harvest a few herbs and feel they are getting something from the allotment while waiting for there returns for hard work.
Well done for coming up with a brilliant idea.