Friday, 4 April 2014

Fog on the Tyne

We have now had seven days of near continuous mist here on Tyneside. It started a week ago and, apart from one afternoon earlier this week, when the mist cleared for a few hours, we have been shrouded in low cloud and fog. The rest of the country has had sunny conditions - and a great deal of air pollution and of dust from the Sahara (we did get some of that). They have had warm temperatures. We have shivered on about 8-10C. Quite why we have been left to suffer is leaving me scratching my head.

The effects of this weather are immediate. The bees are stuck in their hives rather than out foraging and fertilising. The hens are plodding through mud (we have had almost continuous drizzle for the past week). Conditions are too wet to do digging.

We are expecting conditions to improve this weekend. Fingers crossed  - we are at a fair in Chase Park, Whickham (the town down the road from us) tomorrow. Rain, mist and fairs are not a good mix!

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