Friday, 4 April 2014

Duck bonding

Since the loss of the two younger drakes over the weekend to a fox, we have been watching for signs from our remaining ducks that the two groups are starting to merge. The group of 5 older birds happily shares the duck run at night with the two remaining younger birds, but in the morning, the two groups tend to go their separate ways. A couple of days ago however, I spotted all 7 of them asleep together next to the goat paddock (see photo above). Have they merged themselves together as one group? Well, not quite. They still wander about as two separate groups, though they do occasionally mix. Gradually however I think they are all bonding together. The younger drake however is living on borrowed time. At some point he will go for slaughter, leaving the one younger duck behind. At that point I expect her to integrate fully with the older group.

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