Sunday, 13 April 2014

Tapping eggs

The Welsh harlequin eggs we have in our incubator are due to hatch on Tuesday. We are just about at the point where we stop turning them. Last night we did a check on them. We could hear a tapping noise coming from two of them. So we know at least two are very likely to hatch. I would have liked more and possibly we will end up with more than two. We will know by mid week.

Yesterday we bought another bit of brooder equipment - a heater light that can be placed above a large brooder box. We will be setting this up shortly. Meanwhile, after the duck eggs are hatched, we will be using the incubator for more hen eggs. We are hoping to get our hands on some more cream legbar eggs. We hatched some last year but traded half of the chicks with a friend for some building materials. We have only one of the hens from that batch left so it will be good to build up the numbers again. We have capacity in our existing henhouses for another 25 birds.

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