Friday, 29 July 2016

Blackcurrant and apple jelly

Blackcurrant and apple jelly July 16 1

I still had half a bucket of blackcurrants to use up and they weren't in the best of shape. Many were still attached to stalks and leaves. Turning them into jam would require picking through all the blackcurrants to remove the debris at a time when the berries were becoming too overripe to handle. The solution was to turn them into jelly. I also had a bag of apples that urgently needed using up. They went into the jelly as well.

So, roughly equal quantities of blackcurrants and chopped apples went into the jam pan. Apples cores and peel were included. Enough water to half fill the pan was added, everything was brought to the boil and then simmered for a couple of hours. The liquid was then strained off, measured and put back into the jam pan. When it came back to the boil, 1kg of sugar was added for each litre of liquid. Bring back to the boil, test for the setting point (dollop of liquid on a saucer and if it sets, you are ready) and then add to hot sterilised jars.

This jelly has a nice tangy taste. Great on toast for breakfast or used with smoked cheese.

Blackcurrant and apple jelly Jul;y 16 2

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