Wednesday 8 December 2010

Cauliflower leaf soup

The cauliflower crop was very successful on the allotment this year. We therefore had a glut of both cauliflowers and cauliflower leaves. I wasn't entirely happy with throwing the leaves onto the compost heap so I did a search and found nothing of interest in terms of cauliflower leaf recipes. So I set about creating my own.

Cauliflower leaf soup is the result. It contains nettles and nasturtiums as well. I filmed this video in the summer on how to make it.

Wednesday 1 December 2010

Snow damage

I paid a visit to the allotment this afternoon. We now have about 30cm of snow in Sunniside and it has caused some damage on the allotment. The roof of the fruitcage has been wrecked. It has collapsed under the weight. The issue now is how to replace it next year. Do we put a wire netting roof on, or one that cane be removed in the autumn? We'll decide next year.

The snow has put an end to plans to make more leaf mould, gather hawberries for making ketchup and digging up Jerusalem artichokes.

The snows have arrived

I have been in London and North Wales during the past week but am now home. I haven't been to the allotment yet but know what condition it will be in. We are under about 20cm of snow. This may mean that the remaining cabbages still in the ground are ready frozen but it also means that no work can take place there.

The good news is that when I returned home I found a couple of pheasants had been delivered by Johnnie, a friend who goes shooting. I'll be plucking and gutting soon!
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