Wednesday 26 July 2023



I took this photo a few days ago. The blackberries are starting to ripen. Get ready to pick a free and abundant crop of fruit. We will be making jam, jellies, fruit liqueurs, pies and crumble. If you are into self-sufficiency, this is a definite to pick.

Thursday 13 July 2023

Baby goats


We moved Agnes and Florence, 2 of our nannies, from the farm to our Nearside allotment at the Whinnies last week. Both were due from 7th July onwards and being on the Nearside meant it was easier to monitor them and deal with them once the babies arrived. Agnes delivered her 2 babies on 7th. Two boys. My friend Heather bottle fed them.

Monday 10 July 2023

A very local swarm


We had a call on Saturday from someone who lives in our street - a swarm of honeybees had descended on her garden. Normally we get called out to deal with swarms a few kilometres away so having one on our doorstep made for an easier collection. We rehoused the swarm in an empty hive on one of our allotments.

New goat babies


On Friday 7th July, Agnes, one of our nanny goats, gave birth to two male kids. As Agnes is a milker, we are raising the kids ourselves. We have one more nanny waiting to have her kids. Florence is likely to have two kids as well. As with Agnes, she is a milker and she had so much milk last week that we decided to milk her to take off some of the pressure. We got six litres though this milk is to be fed to the babies as it's full of collestrum and is not suitable for human consumption. About a week after her babies are born, we can start consuming the milk ourselves.