Thursday 25 February 2021

New kids


Three kids were born this month, all females. Two were to new mums and sadly neither knew what to do and showed no interest in their babies. We are raising them by hand. They are pictured above. We've named them Janie and Dolly. Until a couple of days ago we were keeping them in the house at night and taking them through the day to be with the adults.

Spot, our older nanny, has, as usual, been a great mum for her baby Seren. No need to hand raise her.


We are needing bedding, especially for the chickens. They continue to be confined to their henhouses and runs while the restrictions remain in place to control avian flu. SO we are going through all the papers we have in the house to decide whether or not we need to keep them. If they are no longer needed, they are shredded and taken to the henhouses. My completed sudoku fell victim to this last week. 

Wednesday 3 February 2021

New arrivals


We had our first baby of the year born yesterday. Jolene, one of our nannies gave birth to Dolly who, unfortunately, she rejected. We are now raising her by hand. This was Jolene's first birth.

Today, Spot, our oldest and most experienced nanny, gave birth to a boy and a girl. They don't have names yet.