Friday 29 April 2022



It may be a lovely sunny spring day today but this morning there was frost on the ground.

Fish and chips


Self-sufficient fish and chips for dinner last night. The cod was from a friend who caught them while sea fishing last year. We swapped jars of jam for them. Chips from our own potatoes.

Thursday 28 April 2022

Another raised bed


Another raised bed set up on our Farside allotment and planted up with strawberries. That's 9 raised beds so far, made from old paving stones crates lined with empty feed sacks and filled with homemade compost.

Sunday 24 April 2022

The latest style!


There is a public right of way across the top of our farm. We have a responsibility to keep it clear and open for the public to access. Between fields 2 and 3 the style had collapsed last year and we dismantled what was left. This allowed people to keep using the footpath. However, we also wanted to bring the top of field 1 into use for grazing and then for cultivation. To stop the sheep wandering off into field 2, we had to rebuild the style. This was done last week and my thanks to our friend Steve for taking the lead in the rebuilding work. The style is now restored and we have moved the sheep onto the top of the field. There's lots of good quality grass there for them to graze.