Wednesday 31 July 2019

Coming home to roost

chickens on new roosting perch July 19

We have added a new, large roosting perch to our large hen house. The chickens love it! There was no space left on it tonight for the chickens going to roost late.

Strawberry and gooseberry jam

gooseberry and strawberry jam July 19 (1)

Both the strawberry and gooseberry crops are now in. They make a good combination in jam with the sweetness of strawberries balancing the tartness of the gooseberries. The latter provide the pectin necessary for the jam to set. I made these jars a few days ago. I still have strawberries and gooseberries left to use up however, so I'm not free of the jam-making duties of the kitchen yet.

gooseberry and strawberry jam July 19 (2)

Tuesday 30 July 2019

Goat cheese flans

goat cheese flans July 19

These two flans were the result of a decision to use up some of the ricotta goat cheese we have frozen in large quantities. We are also trying to be a bit more organised with our meals so we can make steady progress with using up the huge stocks of food we have in the four freezers we have. We will have to eat our way to victory in this battle!

Monday 29 July 2019

Gooseberry crumble

gooseberry crumble Jul 19

We have gathered in our gooseberry crop. We have an awful lot of them! Some have gone into making crumble. I felt quite decadent having it for breakfast this morning!

Friday 26 July 2019

Putting the kids to work

Recently, one of the neighbouring allotment holders asked us to put a couple of our goats onto a corner of his plot so they could clear the weeds. So in between making rhubarb chutney I moved them over. A free meal for them and a cleared space ready for planting for the allotment holder!

Thursday 25 July 2019

Two fairs and a swarm

The bees have been on swarm overdrive this summer. Inevitably, on the day we were due to attend two local fairs, one of my hives produced another swarm that needed capturing.

Wednesday 24 July 2019

Another swarm

I'm a bit behind with my video editing. This was filmed at the end of last month - another honey bee swarm collected and housed.

Monday 8 July 2019

Stripped bare!

Whickham Community Fayre July 19 1

We went to the Whickham Community Fayre on Saturday to sell our preserves and eggs. Froma nearly full table at the start, we were almost stripped bare by the end! The goats and ducklings we took along with us also proved to be popular.

Whickham Community Fayre July 19 3

Whickham Community Fayre July 19 2

Georgie fully recovered

Georgie the goat recovered July 19

Georgie, our youngest billy goat, had been hobbling around on 3 legs recently. We took him to the vet and he was found to have an infection in one of his toes. I'm pleased to report he is now fully recovered and is back to his old ways.

Ducklings now moved

ducklings July 19

We have now moved the 4 ducklings from the chick run in the back garden to the much bigger chick run on our livestock allotment. They are sharing the run with 22 chicks but they have their own duck house which we built from rescued wooden planking which was due to be burnt by the builders due to move onto a building site down the road from us. We had permission of course!

The ducklings have settled in well though they are a bit nervous of the chicks, some of which are bullies!

Wednesday 3 July 2019

Clearing the weeds

goat kids clearing weeds Jul 19

Yesterday we lent out Danny and Sandy, our two goat kids, to one of the neighbouring allotments where a patch of ground was overgrown with weeds. They chomped their way through them for a couple of hours before we took them back home (a journey of about 10 seconds!) Today they will return to finish the job.