Friday 20 December 2019

Working the new land

getting rid of weeds Dec 19

We have now started work on preparing the small holding for next year. We took the land rover down there yesterday loaded with manure and garden waste. We also took the old pond liner. We are planning to put in ponds on the small holding but the reason for this liner was to use it to kill grass and weeds. It is too tattered and brittle to use for building ponds. Instead, it was laid out on the ground where the potatoes will be planted to kill the grass and weeds. We also used a tarpaulin, some dumpy bags and feed sacks in which the manure was brought to the site. We had already removed some branches from trees in the hedge and these were used to weight down the liner etc. We need more as the area we will be using for growing potatoes will be much bigger. Our plan is to grow potatoes for ourselves and as a cash crop. After all, we now have lots of land to be able to grow crops for sale.

In late winter the liner and sacks will be removed and we will run the rotovator over the land and add the manure we brought down (there's lots more to come!)

Yesterday we also measured out the area we will be using for the first goat and pig paddocks. The aim is to get the pigs in early spring, once the worst of the winter weather is behind us.

Self-Sufficient in Suburbia November 2019

This is the November edition of Self-Sufficient in Suburbia. We secured our winter fuel supply; sadly we lost one of our goat kids despite the best efforts of the vet; we had exceptionally heavy rain which was even a problem for our ducks; we started work on the small holding but DEFRA rules had to be obeyed and we ended the month with even more mud.

Friday 13 December 2019

Converting waste into resources

This video was filmed in October. Much of our activities that month centred on converting waste into resources. For example, we swapped jam for people's empty jam jars, grapefruit skins were made into marmalade, a barrowload of mint destined for the compost heap was made into mint jelly and windfall leaves were swept up and fed to the goats. Meanwhile, I explain why we have stopped using tea bags (they are full of plastic fibres) and we officially became owners of a small holding near our house in Sunniside.