Friday 24 May 2024



Our onions were planted a few weeks ago. They are all coming on well. Onions are a key crop for us so we don't hold back when it comes to planting as many as we can.

Saturday 11 May 2024

New milker and baby


On Monday we went to Alnwick to buy a new milking goat (called Nettle) and her 10 day old baby (as yet unnamed). This video follows us as we make the trip north to collect them and bring them back home.

Friday 10 May 2024

First crop of the year


Our first crop of the year was rhubarb. We've had a rather nice crumble as a result.

Wednesday 8 May 2024

Unexpected milk supply


Penny, our Saanen milking goat stopped producing milk in October last year. She had been producing milk for 13 months at that point and it seemed for a while that she would not stop. This is not necessarily good for her health. Fortunately we managed to phase out her milk supply so that she could recover. We also took the decision to give her a year off before having her mated again. She is making a good recovery and is putting on weight. However, she has now started producing milk again. It's not a huge amount but her milk sacks have partially bagged up again. We are not going to milk her as this will simply encourage her body to produce more milk. Hopefully she will stop producing milk and enjoy her year off.