Thursday, 6 November 2014

A new layer?

We have 19 chicks that we hatched this year and some of the hens in this group are now old enough to start laying. Yesterday I found an egg in one of the henhouses that may have been laid by one of the cream legbar chicks. It is greener than the other green eggs laid by our columbines. It may be an egg from one of the chicks or one of the columbines may just have laid an egg greener than usual. It has a slightly lumpy shell, which I find sometimes with eggs laid by birds that have just started laying. You can see the egg on the left above. As a contrast I put the only other green eggs laid yesterday next to it. You can see the difference. Hopefully therefore one of the cream legbar chicks has matured and started to lay, though there was no sign of any eggs from her today.

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