Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Hatching cream legbar chicks

I filmed this video in May but only edited it yesterday. So here's the catch up. We put 8 cream legbar chicken eggs into our incubator and before they were due to hatch, our area had a power failure. The incubator was without power for over two hours. We did not know if the eggs had survived and only found out when 7 chicks hatched.

Of the 7 chicks, 6 have survived though 2 of the hen chicks have been rehoused with our friend Johnnie, who gave us the eggs in the first place. Of the 4 we kept ourselves, annoyingly, 3 are cockerels, two of which are magnificent birds. We will keep one, the 2nd cockerel will go to a friend who is starting out on hen keeping (we will give her a hen as well) and the 3rd, which is smaller than the others, will be fattened up for the table.


Anonymous said...

We had that same problem last year, ten chicks, 8 males and 2 hens! And the hens are very poor layers despite being Columbian Rocks. Oh well, the pressure canner awaits.

Jonathan Wallace said...

We have had a similar problem with ducks. Most of the hatchlings turned out to be drakes. Good job I like roast duck.

pak gendoet said...