Sunday, 16 November 2014

Winter greens for the goats

Our search for fodder for our goats continues. There is a large amount of privet on the hedge next to the allotment site car park and it is very overgrown. Someone needs to manage and maintain it. I stepped forward to take on the task. The resulting food supply is being appreciated by our goats who can enjoy winter greens. They like privet and eat the leaves and twigs and nibble the bark off the branches.

It will take a couple of weeks to cut back the privet to supply the goats with a daily quantity of feed. Once the privet there has been cut down to size, I have found a privet hedge around a local bowling green that is desperate for some trimming and management. So everyone benefits. The bowling club has its hedge cut, the council saves money by not having to maintain the hedge themselves (not that any maintenance was taking place), the council doesn't need to pay to dispose of the trimmings, and my goats get well fed.

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