Monday, 17 November 2014

Making lemon curd and marmalade

We make lots of lemon curd and much of it is swapped with friends for their produce. A useful by-product of lemon curd is lemon marmalade. Our philosophy of zero waste means we have to find another use for anything that could otherwise be dumped in the bin. We freeze the lemon peel after taking off the zest and squeezing the juice for making the curd. When we have built up enough, the peel comes back out of the freezer and is boiled up.

Our latest batch of lemon marmalade was made at the end of last week. Sadly, we don't grow the lemons ourselves. We don't quite have the right climate here in the North East of England! We buy them from a wholesaler in Newcastle instead. The marmalade I made last week was thick cut rather than fine shred.

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