Tuesday 27 October 2009

Incredible shrinking apples

I have a bit of a race against time to get that huge quantity of apples picked wild in August into some kind of preserved state. The best ones have been stored in boxes packed with shredded paper. The rest will be dried, made into pickle, used for jellies or bottled. Today I did the bottling.

This is not the first time I have bottled fruit. A few weeks ago I bottled the plums from the allotment and more recently I bottled pears I picked on a derelict orchard near Sunniside. Last year I bottled apples (in jam jars!) So, I expected today to be straightforward. In a sense it was. What I didn't expect was the extent to which the apple shrank. I think I may have stewed them a bit too long.

Tomorrow I will do some more but cook them for less time.

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Janet said...

Hi there, avidly keeping up with your blog - your reference in the latest to bottling plums reminded me that in a recent blogcast you said that you were going to show us how. hope you are still going to show it, I tried recently and they just disintegrated with little cooking, despite what the book said.
regards Janet

Jonathan Wallace said...

Hello Janet, yes you are right, I did say there is a video coming up about bottling fruit. It is filmed and is about to be edited so hopefully it will be up shortly.

The video shows how to bottle pears but the principle is the same for other fruit, though cooking times will vary. The video will hopefully explain all.