Sunday 25 April 2010

Beds and Planters

This weekend we have put in a raised bed. We cheated and bought a kit from a company called LBS Garden Warehouse. The bed is put together with fastenings that will hold hoops and polythene if we buy the next part of the kit. We think we will because it would be useful to have a polytunnel.

Bed 1 has been dug over and planted with potatoes. We have gone for Kestrel, Majestic and Pink Fir Apple as the varieties this year - just for a change not any particular reason. We also have planted leeks, parsnips and half a row of chrysanthemums. The latter were a free packet of seeds which filled a patch in the bed.

We have also put two varieties of potatoes into planters (potato bags). In these have gone Charlotte and Mayan Gold. We always have a problem with carrots so this year we are trying carrots in a shallow planter to see what happens.

The seeds in the greenhouse seem to be doing well and this weekend we also planted courgettes.


Anonymous said...

Just to show I hold no ill will to you deleting my post`s on your blog (due to you being unable to debate the lib dem position (being a political pygmy that you are) I will still help you with going self-sufficient.

Potatoes: Plant some Sharpe's express (Sharpes Express was TV gardener, Percy Thrower’s favourite)...

Upside: Those in the know? say its the best tasting potatoe.

Downside: The yield is pathetic.

The lib dems have one thing in common with Sharpe's Express and its not the taste then. There again I have never eating a lib dem... Like voting for them its hazardous to health.

Anonymous said...

I spelt potato with an `e` on the end...less haste more speed. Too many other things on my mind to concentrate. Can`t believe I am making posts on "going self-sufficient".