Tuesday 14 September 2010

The price of food

Consumer Prices Index announced today at 3.1%. This is higher that the Government's target though not unexpected. The pressure on inflation is coming from two sources - air travel and food, both of which we need to use more economically anyway. My confession is that I have just stepped off a plane, one of three flights I am making this year. I am hoping to have an air travel free year next year though I can't guarantee it. What I can guarantee is that next year we will be closer to our goal of food self-sufficiency. The rising cost of food is having only a marginal impact on us simply because most of what we eat we have either grown or foraged. It's a lifestyle choice for us but it is one that is paying a dividend, despite the hard work! Nevertheless, I have been predicting food price rises for the past three years, hence one of the reasons why we decided to become more self-sufficient.

Changing eating habits, growing what you can, wild food foraging and most importantly, avoiding food waste can have a major impact on a household budget. As food prices continue to rise, we are all going to have to be more intelligent with the way we get our food and use it.
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