Friday 26 August 2011

Self-Sufficient in Suburbia - June 2011

This is the next edition of Self-Sufficient in Suburbia covering June. We are building a poly tunnel, digging a pond, handling bees, cooking in the kitchen and helping Dad with his allotment.


Anonymous said...

I'm getting interested in bottling and have searched lots of sites for info about how to (including your v helpful video) but am left feeling v concerned about the potential problem of Botulism poisoning. this seems to be an American obsession in all the remarks about bottling/canning but I'm still unsure about e.g.clip-top vs. screw-top jars, boiling times, even the temperature of the water used in processing. can you help? Do you have any info about botulism in bottling?

Anonymous said...

Another great video you guys. Really enjoyed watching it. Can't wait to try some of the recipes especially the boozy ones :) Julie

Anonymous said...

please keep up the good. look forward to watching some more interesting videos. Hopefully one day will try, like you to become self sufficient.