Wednesday 28 September 2011

Peas harvested

peas and onions Sept 11

Over the weekend we picked the pea crop on Dad's allotment. We were very pleased with it. We have a second crop to pick on our own allotment but that one is more disappointing. I suspect the wood pigeons may have got many of the seedlings there.

The peas are now frozen. One of these days I will learn to dry them instead. Perhaps a job for next year.

To freeze peas, first shell them and then boil them for about a minute. Drain them and leave to cool before putting into the freezer. Don't throw away the water in which they were boiled. Use it to make pea stock with the pea pods.

In the photo above, I'm holding some of the onions I also harvested on Dad's allotment over the weekend. They will be pickled soon.

Below, shelling peas is a good job to do whilst watching tv.

shelling peas Sept 11

Our first meal using peas from the allotment: roast duck, roast potatoes and peas.

roast duck Sept 11

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