Sunday 30 October 2011

Another 3 hens

We have added to our stock of hens. You may recall that we got three hens in September. Now we have another three. Here they are:

hens Oct 11 6

This is Houdini. She's a Copper Black.

hens Oct 11 5

This is Snow White. She is a Coral Nick. Her crest is a bit more developed so we think she may be closer to starting to lay than the other two who came with her.

hens Oct 11 4

This is Sleepy, a Blue Haze.

At the moment we are still only getting a maximum of two eggs a day. Gingie, our Columbian Black, who we got in September, is still to start laying. We are thinking of waving a roasting tray in her direction in the hope it will encourage her to lay!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful girls your chickens!