Monday 14 November 2011

Eggceptional welcome home

eggs Nov 11

I was in London all of last week and returned home on Saturday evening. And there, waiting for me, was this sight! Lots of eggs laid by 2 of my chickens. The other 4 are still waiting to start their egg-laying career.

I have given half a dozen to a friend who provides us with game (a fair swap). I will be doing more egg cooking soon - and pickling some as well.


Rainsong said...

I'm happy about your eggs but the kewl blue holder has my eye? Do I need to go to London for one or can it be had here in the states?

elfriide tramm said...


ChunkyNutz said...

They are called Egg Skelters just google that phrase and you'll get some hits on where you can buy them.