Friday 7 September 2012

Getting ready for the Bowes Show

Tomorrow, 8th September, I will be going to the Bowes Agricultural Show in Co Durham. And for the first time I will be entering a jam-making competition. Actually, technically it will be the second time. Last year, I was invited to enter the Whickham Air Training Corp Annual Garden Party jam making competition, which I won. There were however only 4 entries and 2 of them were from me! So I don't really count it as it wasn't a battleground between seasoned prize-winning jam makers. Tomorrow I will be up against some serious competition and as a novice in these competitions, I enter the race with a significant handicap.

Anyway, I am going in for the raspberry jam, lemon curd, jelly, non-raspberry jam and chutney sections and the egg section (4 eggs are required for this). I am taking 4 of our green eggs laid by our columbines. The first prize is a mere £3. The real prize is the prestige of coming out top. Hopefully there will be rosettes or certificates for the winners to show off. I doubt I will win anything on a first attempt but it will be fun nonetheless.

More information about the show can be found at

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Lizzi said...

Good luck :) Hope it goes well and you have good weather for the day, too.