Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Our goat plans

Our next big project is starting to take shape. We are planning to keep goats and today, I visited the plot where we will be keeping them. The amount of rent on the site is still to be sorted but I am rather looking forward to starting the work on this project. I've consulted people I know who keep goats and I have been sent a few details of sites to look at as well. We also have the fencing ready to be installed along one side of the site though we will need to check thoroughly the boundary along the other two sides (the site is triangular) where a high hedge will be ideal for preventing escape once the gaps in it are filled in. We will also need to put a shed on the site as well.

There are lots of regulations on keeping goats and I will need to register with DEFRA before we buy any livestock. My first plan was to get a billy and two nannies but having spoken to people with experience of goat keeping, we will probably aim to start with a female with a kid.  So, more exciting times ahead. If it all goes well, we will be looking to produce our own milk, cheese and yoghurts as well as meat.

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elfriide tramm said...

self-made goat cheese is delicious! i also like kefir.