Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Stripped bare by bees

bees Aug 13

We harvested another two supers of honey last week and once we had cut the comb from the frames, we returned them to the supers and then took them to the allotment and left them outdoors. The reason for this was to let the bees clean up the equipment. There was also honey spilt onto the floor of our kitchen. Obviously we couldn't use this for anything but it seemed such a waste to mop it up. Surely there was something for which it could be used. Well, only one idea came to mind - feed it back to the bees. They will thoroughly process, clean and store it. So I scraped up as much honey from the floor I could find, put it in a bowl and left it near the hives. Within minutes it was heaving with bees. Within half an hour, the bees had gone, as had every drop of honey.

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