Saturday 16 November 2013

Vegetable curry

vegetable curry Nov 13

I had been planning to use up some vegetables in a curry recently so I made this curry the other evening. We are having the rest tonight. It was a useful way of making good use of vegetables that were not going to survive for much longer. My confession is that the sauce was made from ingredients we did not produce ourselves. In an effort to use up all the surplus stocks of food in our cupboards that were accummulated during our rat race years when we bought our food from the supermarkets, I found a jar of curry paste. I added a few spoons of it to the vegetables along with the milk of two coconuts. These were part of a gift from Jimmy the greengrocer who was in the BBC programme I did in September on self-sufficiency. At the filming of the BBQ I hosted, he turned up with 2 boxes of tropical fruit. The coconut milk was a good addition to the curry (thickened with some supermarket purchased cornflour). The hens polished off the flesh which was a bit past its best.

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