Wednesday 3 December 2014

Goat in a coat

Yesterday evening it was clear we were going to have an overnight frost. Time to try out the coat we bought for Pinkie, our milking goat. She was a bit jumpy when I put it on her but she settled down quickly. The picture above was taken this morning just before I took it off her. We bought the coat last week from an agricultural supplier. It cost £30, only £8 less than the whole of the money I spent this year on my own clothes! I don't rush out to buy the latest fashion which then gets thrown out weeks later when they have become embarrassingly unfashionable. I left behind that sort of consumerism years ago.

Our other two goats don't need coats. They can keep each other warm and they are a bit on the plump side so they have their own natural insulation.


Anonymous said...

I make my own goat coats. Latest ones are wool with fleece lining.
Kids have fleece PJ'S. The first year I bought some. Use your coat for a pattern. I had to enlarge them but it was worth it.

Jennifer Williams said...

I'm curious if all of your animals will stay outside during the winter? If so, what sort of provisions do you make for them, other than a coat for Pinkie? How cold will it normally get where you are during the winter?

Jonathan Wallace said...

Pinkie has her own shed for a shelter which is packed with hay. We tend not to have very cold winters though it is rather cold tonight! We are also planning to build an extended covered area for the goats.