Friday 2 October 2020

Leak proof!



I occasionally get sent products to test and then write about on this blog. This is the latest, the ION8 leakproof bottle. Regular readers will probably know I hate waste and single use bottles are a particular focus of my hate of appallingly bad use of resources. I am a very liberally minded person but if I were dictator for a day, near the top of my to-do list would be to ban the production and sale of single use plastic bottles, especially those used in the sale of bottled water. (I never understand why anyone would want to buy bottled water when you can get it from a tap for nothing!)

Anyway, when I was asked to test out the ION8 I decided to give it a go. We have tested it to near destruction on our smallholding and despite that, it continues to live up to its billing as leakproof. Despite our best efforts to put it through its paces, it is just about indestructible. So this is far away from the throw away society I dislike so much and which is so damaging to our environment.

So, stop buying bottled water and use tap water instead. And as the ION8 has survived the hard work of being used on our smallholding, it will survive just about anywhere else. Fill it with tap water and enjoy!

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